Steroid Crash Explained


When you see congealed / crystal like bits floating in your vial this is normally crashed gear.

its technically a good thing – its a sign you have proper dosed Steroids – – its called Crash
it happens and used to happen to the original Test 400 by Denkall – it was a sign that the mg is too strong per ml
its nothing to be alarmed at – it just needs heat – when this happens we suggest boil some water pour it into a mug and hold the vial by the top part (metal lid) do not put the metal in the water only hold it so the glass vial is in the water and the bottle neck is out – you hold the top – hey presto it will be clear again and the crystals will go – then draw up and inject – its a classic sign of genuine dosing and dosing is all too often under dosed

there is literally NOTHING to be concerned about – its purely a heat process- once in the body it wont congeal it willl disapate and the muscels heat sees to that right away
also dont store it in a cold cupboard etc try and keep it at room temp
the crystallisation is called crash and nothing to bother about follow these easy steps and enjoy the benefits of decent dosed steroids.