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Bullion Pharma the Gold Standard in Anabolic Pharmaceuticals

In a market saturated with labs, with new ones popping up every week and old ones folding, why and how is Bullion Pharma different?It’s quite simple, They look at what their competitors are doing and look at how they can do it better.

➡️ 1. High-Quality Raws make a superior finished product. The end product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. We spend more than we have to, to guarantee the best quality.➡️ 2. Production takes place in a clean environment, with sterile equipment and hygienic processes.➡️ 3. You receive what the label says. If it says 250mg/ml, you aren’t going to receive 200mg/ml or less because we are deliberate under-dosing to squeeze a few more £ from you.Similarly, we aren’t giving you 271mg due to irresponsible and lazy calculations. We are confident that if you test our products, it will be within a maximum of +/- 3% of the concentration stated on the label.So, you can be confident that our doses are what the label states, or negligibly close to it.

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