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Chemical Name: Stanozolol

Drug Class: Oral and Injectable Anabolic Steroid


This article deals with a drug known as Winstrol or Stanozolol. It is a relatively common steroid compound that has effects similar to many of the others, but also has properties that are specific to just itself. Care should always be used when taking steroids of any sort, and Winstrol in particular can cause major hepatic damage if taken in incorrect dosages or over too long of a period of time. As HGH and other anabolic steroids become more popular, it is more important that to understand some of the ways that these hormones work inside the body.


Winstrol itself is a derived variation of dihydrotestosterone. Chemically, it has been modified at the A-ring position. Usually there are four rings on steroids, and this extra 5th one forms and becomes what is known as a pyrazol group. Only one steroid other than Winstrol has the 5th ring, so it is not a common trait to see. Winstrol is most used during cutting cycles, as it has not shown to be particularly beneficial with regard to weight gain or mass accumulation, instead having an effect more like Anavar. Thus, it does not convert to oestrogen at any point, and is not progestenic.


Proviron is another DHT-derived oral steroid, and it is useful in cycles to lower sex Hormone binding Globulin. The whole point of that process is to leave as much testosterone unbound as possible, keeping it in your bloodstream and body for absolutely the maximum amount of time, for the ultimate sense of effectiveness. Testosterone remaining active is the key to getting the most benefit in many instances, and these other type of steroids help that process along.


Once again, you do not want to use Winstrol when you are in a bulking cycle. The properties of the compound are not going to help you there, and in fact the results may be in the wrong direction, and work you are trying to accomplish may not happen.


As an additional piece of information, Stanozolol is an alkylated compound. What that means is that it is designed to be able to go through your liver once without being destroyed or altered. Practically, that is one of the reasons that this drug can either be taken orally or injected. But, also because of that alkalization, it can be extremely damaging to your liver over time, and in that regard it is one of the worst of the steroid types for you to overuse. Another peculiarity of this specific compound is that people have found that the injectable form actually promotes greater nitrogen retention as opposed to the oral form.


You can find Winstrol on the black market without looking too hard. Typical sources include veterinary companies and human grade pharmaceutical houses. Underground labs will often get you the best quality stuff at the most reasonable prices, but there is always a risk involved in purchases of this nature. If unsure, ask someone who has successfully made an order.