10 x Shredbal 250 Rip Blend Amps


  • Brand : Global Pharma
  • Product: Shredbal 250
  • Contains per ml
  • Trenbolone Acetate 75mg
  • Masteron Propionate 75mg
  • Testosterone Propionate 100mg
  • 10 x 1ml Amps 250mg/ml
  • For Intramuscular Injection
  • You are buying a box of 10 Amps of Ripblend/Shred


Manufacturer: Global Pharma

Product Description

3 of the best cutting steroids available combined into one. Test Prop, Mast Prop and Tren Ace are all fast acting esters with low water retention and huge strength gains while remaining lean. Perfect blend of three of the best compounds.

Chemical Name

Masterone Propionate (75mg), Testosterone Propionate (100mg), Trenbolone Acetate (75mg)

Active Life

2 to 3 Days.

Detection Time

After a period of 4 months, all traces of this blend will be out of your system for purposes of drug testing – urine/blood samples. Main reason for the long period of 4 months is the Trenbolone Acetate.

Average Dose

2 to 4ml per week. (Males only)